Gigha: My Visit, 2008

A homecoming for sure… we nearly didn’t make it, rough seas, all the ferries cancelled, but the last one miraculously made it, with me on board.

Tayinloan, Gateway to Gigha


I will get to this page soon enough. Below, me climbing over the gate into the graveyard at the ruins of the medieval church on Gigha,  Kilchattan Chapel. Very ricketty gate, I think I got stuck.


Kilchattan Church Ruins


Here’s a couple of videos, not edited, not even very interesting for that matter! After staying at Tarbert overnight, we were going to catch the morning ferry from Tayinloan to Gigha, but all ferries were cancelled due to bad weather and rough seas. But the last ferry of the day made the trip to bring the workers back to the mainland and take us to the island. One lady was waiting in the wet, so she joined us in our car (Tash and I)

Ferry to Gigha



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