Talking to myself

Feels kind of weird, all alone here in my little blog, posting posts that nobody reads…. The site is starting to come together, although I’m feeling a bit hesitant about putting down the actual history. I mean, I’m not a historian, nor am I an expert on Gigha, Tarbert or anywhere else in Scotland. So it is a strange notepad for writing what was intended to be a chapter in a book for my descendents!

Creating Order…

I had intended to use this burst of energy to complete a chapter for “Agnes’ Story”, but it looks like what I’m really doing is using this blog to get organised. In many ways I am sort of doing the appendices of a book, filling in references and links, cataloging images and getting my thoughts in order. I am still trying to work out how the family tale will take shape. Having an illegitimate great granny helps keep it simple, one less branch in a tree to worry about.

The structure of a website lends so much scope for a project like this.

Where to start?

There’s something necessarily messy about genealogies and family history. Which is why I don’t know if and where to start.

Years ago, I needed to answer a burning question, am I Celtic? I felt Celtic (whatever that is), I have fairish skin, I’m Scottish and I have a strong desire to be in Scotland, most of the time. So I decided to ask my grandmother about her life and my ancestry, not the family tree, just our background. I gave her a tape recorder and a list of questions and left her to it. I later typed the transcript of the tape, had it spiral bound and put it in a drawer. We pulled it out 10 years later and continued our journey….