Tarbert: My Family

I decided to put Chapter 2 of Agnes’ story as told in her words. ¬†It is probably only of interest to family, but there is certainly lots about the McDonalds of Tarbert, and lots of beautiful old family photos. There are many more that never made it into the book, perhaps I will put some on this page in time. Click the pictures to download PDF files.

McDonalds, Tarbert


Chapter 5 of Agnes’ Story, “Family¬†Life” was as much about Tarbert as it was about anywhere else. The book was finished in a bit of a rush, so our next edition will be published without the spelling errors and with a few more photos. The picture for the link is of Agnes’ sister and brother, Bobby and Chrissie on a fishing boat in Tarbert Harbour, in the 1930s. The chapter has photos from the 1920s through to 2000.

Tarbert, Family Life







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