Tarbert : Family Photos 1930-2000

I have a few photos of Tarbert taken over the years, mainly by my grandmother, Agnes McEwan, Alec McEwan (my grandfather) and her sister, Chrissie McKinlay and others which I just found in old metal biscuit tins belonging to Agnes.

Tarbert fishermen, mid 1930's


Uncle Bobby and Aunt Chrissie McKinlay, Tarbert 1930's


Fishing Boat Tarbert 1930's


Tarbert 1930's


Agnes and Uncle Jonny, Tarbert Castle 1930's


Tarbert Harbour, 1972


Tarbert 1972

8 Responses to Tarbert : Family Photos 1930-2000

  1. ann hoffman and recognize says:

    have really enjoyed your website. I have spent the morning going though it with my mum. My mum was born in Tarbert in 1920 and she recognized many of the people. We immigrated to Canada in 1969 with uncle Alistair and aunt Molly. My mums name is May Miller but was known in Tarbert as Minnie Grant. Our connection with uncle Alistair is through aunt Molly who is my mums cousin. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Ann Hoffman

    • admin says:

      Sorry Ann, I haven’t been here for a little while! I’m glad you enjoyed all the photos. I have so many more from Tarbert, my Granny had forgotten who a lot of the people were. Maybe I should make a gallery and just put them up for anyone who visits and can tell me who they are. All these people in a biscuit tin…. My Granny was second cousins with Alistair I believe, and I think she stayed with him and Molly on a visit to Canada. They were certainly in regular correspondence over many years. When I get time, I must do a bit more on the site as I’ve got s much more information and photographs. Angela

      • ann hoffman and recognize says:

        Delighted to receive your reply Angela. I was sharing this site with my brother and I noticed your response. It would be great to see all your other photos and my mom might be able to identify some of the folks. I do share your sentiment that those who have gone before are now hidden in a biscuit tin…but with the miracle of technology can now be resurrected world wide. Ann

  2. Brian Ward says:

    Super pictures, wish it had seen them a few years ago to include in the book TARBERT FISHING BOATS.
    Look forwards to hearing from you.
    Brian Ward

  3. admin says:

    Hi Brian,

    As I’ve said to Ann, I have a biscuit tin full of pics, mainly negatives. The said old lady mentioned above has been sitting on my bedside table waiting to be scanned for a year, and now when I go to look for her she is nowhere to be found.

    Did you read the chapter on Tarbert? There are some more photos in that and the other chapter here: http://isabellasgigha.angelajansz.com/?page_id=115

    There are 2 chapters from my grandmother’s book, and a couple of stories behind the photos on this page. I wish I had a less busy life, I’d love to get back to this project.


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