Who are these people?

Here is a collection of images that I am hoping people can help me identify. I’ll give you as much information as I can, please leave a comment if you can tell me anything about any of the pictures, especially names of people. I’ve got a biscuit tin full of negatives, mainly around Tarbert in the 1930s and 1940s.

I think this photo is taken in Tarbert. It was with others taken in the 1930’s. I have no clues about her or the cottage. She looks like she has a feather duster in her hand!


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  1. David Whitehead says:

    Margaret Galbraith (and Donald) was my “niece of wife of 3rd great grand uncle” !! She is on the grave photo you have. Her husband was a fisherman.

    I have many ancestors from Gigha – I’d like to see any other photos your have.
    Best regards, David

    • Angela says:

      Hi David,

      This is a kind of life long project which I come and go from in fits and starts. So next time I have another obsessive moment, I promise I will do another section and put more photos in. Trouble is, once I get going, I tend to ignore the rest of my life, I think I get transported back to the 1700’s and live in that space! I also need to do a decent family tree to go on here somewhere. So you and I are not really related through that line, but I’m sure we would be somewhere else, everyone from Ghia is related, small gene pool!

  2. Hi Angela
    I too have old photos from Tarbert, and there is no-one in the family to ask unfortunately. My mother was born in 1921 in Tarbert and was Mary McTaggart Smith. I might doe the same and scan photos onto a blog.

    • Angela says:

      Hi Mary, sorry I hadn’t noticed your comment. Its a shame, all these people captured in photos in our old tins, and I’m sure there are family out there who would love to see them. I think the blog is the best idea so that people might be able to stumble on them. All the best, Angela

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